Julie M.

“I got my Cloud 9 Collection yesterday, and I am literally on cloud 9! If you know me, you know that I DO NOT take selfies. 1,000 pictures of my kiddos, sure, but please, no pics of me. Ladies, this is me 8:30 am, Saturday, running my 7 year old to karate. This literally took me 9 minutes to do! My everyday look in under 10 minutes! A little SPF face lotion, Mineral Touch foundation in Taffeta, the Addiction Palette 3 on my eyes, the brow liner and gel in Medium, just one coat of the 3D mascara, a little bronzer and lip gloss. Done! And, my skin feels amazing! Trisha, it’s official. I’m converted to Younique! I love it! Thank you!!! 😘”