We are Younique: Client Pics & Stories

I’m going to share something that filled my heart with such joy last night. Meet my sister, Katie. We are crazy close not just because we’re sisters but because we are best friends. Katie is naturally beautiful and always wore her own makeup her own way. Period. If you know Katie you’d know she is strong willed. Fast forward to me becoming a Younique Presenter. Was Katie my first customer? No. My second? No. Katie didn’t buy any makeup from me. She was set with her routine. Then, November 17th was Katie’s birthday. What did I give her? The 3D mascara of course! What happened next? Katie hosted an online party but didn’t order anything herself… again, a little non-committal with the makeup but wanted to show support for her baby sister. Last night was Katie’s husbands big work Christmas party. She decided it was time to mix it up with her makeup. Katie, my mom, and I sat in the kitchen and played with makeup like little girls. I put the cream shadow colors on my arm and we “Ohhed and Ahhed” as we helped Katie pick colors out of her usual comfort zone. She picked the Splurge Cream Shadow in “Dainty” — again if you know Katie you wouldn’t have guessed in a million years she’d pick this color… Shades like elegant, charming or tenacious but dainty? Total shocker. She took the cream shadow/cream shadow brush, lipstick, and already had the 3D mascara from before home with her to get ready for the big night. It didn’t surprised me when I got a panicked call from Katie 45 minutes after she left my parents house. “I should have grabbed the “elegant” color. That’s so much more me! Am I going to look silly? You would tell me if it didn’t look good, right?” I reassured Katie it would look beautiful. First of all, I knew it would because I love the girl underneath the makeup. I love her heart. I love her her spirit. I love everything that makes Katie, Katie. But last night I got a text after she put on her makeup, before she did her hair and slipped on her LBD. I got a text like nothing else I’ve ever gotten from my sister – it read: “Thank you I feel pretty.” My heart swelled. Katie second guesses herself, she sticks to her beauty routine and yesterday, trust me, she “wasn’t feeling it” when she drove to my mom’s house looking for something to make her feel better about last night. She had ordered a dress online that turned out to be too big and she was having a stressful week. That text message wasn’t about the makeup but the confidence and joy the makeup gave her. That’s what this post is about. I’m going to show her off, trust me, because –um, excuse my language but DAMNNNNNN! But, I challenge you too look past those gorgeous hazel eyes and stunningly beautiful face and look deeper. Do you see that genuine smile? Do you see what shines brighter than the makeup? It’s confidence. Now isn’t that the sexiest, most beautiful thing in the world? I became a Younique Presenter because I love the products. I wasn’t looking to do this. I am doing it because these products have changed my own self-confidence and those of the women around me. I am not selling foundation and lipgloss… I feel like I am empowering women and that’s what makes this SO fun! So if I seem enthusiastic about the products it’s because I want to share Katie’s story, my story and YOUR story with the world. 💋


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