Become part of the Beauty Movement

Younique is in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K., Mexico, Germany, France — and will be launching in Italy on February 7!! Now, released just today – HUGE NEWS – Younique Partners with Coty – a Leading Online Peer-to-Peer Social Selling Platform in Beauty

Coty is the 3rd largest beauty brand on the planet and are now partnering with Younique!! If you’ve ever thought about joining Younique before, working from home, or making extra money 100% online using social media THIS IS THE TIME!! My Younique team — The Glammies — are an amazing group of women from around the United States and the globe who love all things beauty! I’m expanding my team so if you’re ready for $99 to change your life don’t wait! And by the way, $99 gets you $281 of products – I mean what a steal!! When’s the last time Sephora or Ulta gave you a deal like that?


When you register as a new Presenter you get a FREE website, NO FEES, NO auto shipments, and NO commitments if you decide not to sell. Here’s what else you get when you sign up:
20-30% discount on all future purchases
$281 of products for only $99
Always a “love it guarantee”
All natural, hypoallergenic, paraban-free, sulfate-free, talc free, cruelty free ingredients. We even have gluten-free and vegan cosmetics as well!

When you join the Glammies you will get the leadership and support you need to be successful. As your sponsor I will personally welcome you to the team and guide you throughout your Younique journey.

If you’ve tried Younique you already know the products are amazing but guess what — the company is fantastic too! You have the opportunity to make money (and get paid just 3 hours after a sale!!), go on FREE vacations, earn Presenter Perks, and so much more!!

Aside from making money — this company is so much more than makeup — the Y sisters you will meet and “work” with are so fun and supportive! You will be amazed at how many new friendships and bonds you will make when you join my Younique team.

How could you possibly pass this up?

To learn more about Younique, the Younique opportunity, or to order your new Presenters kit – check out my Younique page here: Trisha’s Younique Boutique


You can find me on Facebook here

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