Younique is Launching in Italy!

Ciao Italy!! Younique is launching in Italy on February 7!! Join my team and be one of the founding Presenters in Italy! This is a HUGE opportunity! Email me at or message me on Facebook at The Younique Life by Trisha Dee


This launch is a huge deal for more reasons then just another makeup company debuting in Italy. Younique will likely be competition to the biggest Italian makeup brand Kiko Milano.

So other then competition, why should you be interested in Younique?

The Younique Opportunity offers the lucrative path to be your own beauty business owner. You don’t need to handle any of the shipping or product development, and there’s no franchise fees, you are free to market the products on your own any way you want (via images, selfies, makeup application videos, Facebook, instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.) Basically you can personally brand your business any way you want with phenomenal products at your disposal.

For more information on the Younique Italy launch click here: Younique Italy Opportunity

We give women everywhere the chance to operate their very own social-media driven business. This means if you have a smart phone, you can run a beauty business, no need to have a storefront. Being a Younique presenter and one of the first in Italy — the company’s newest market — is a HUGE opportunity to say the least!! As a member of my team The Glam Girl Squad aka “The Glammies,” you’ll find the support you need to get started and grow your own personal business and possibly change your financial future.

My favorite part? Younique does NOT require you to purchase any products for stock and they take care of all the shipping and packaging to your customers! There are no website fees either!

img_4070If you’re interested message me with any questions. I can also add you to my Younique Italy pre-launch Facebook group. Can you imagine changing your entire life one month from now?!! You can be a founding member of this amazing multimillion dollar company when we launch in Italy! Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

Find out more here:

Younique is such a fantastic company and it’s going to be huge in Italy. Think Apple computers but getting in on the ground floor!! I’m serious. Earning potential is limitless especially in a new market. Take a moment to listen to our Chief Sales Officer Tori Poulter explain our top reasons why Younique is such an amazing opportunity 💜

Trisha Dee
Younique Presenter #309671


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