How Younique Changed my Life

I was invited to a Younique Online Lash Bash one year ago. Most of us have, haven’t we? I am not unlike anyone else, I was intrigued by the 3-pic collage of the bare lashes/old mascara lashes/Younique 3D fiber lashes picture. It got me. Did it get you? Who doesn’t want 400x longer, fuller lashes with the look of fake lashes but without those annoying fake lashes? I caved. I clicked “order” and waited for my magic mascara.

3D mascara pic collage

After the mascara arrived I had to try it out for myself! Not only was I pleasantly surprised it worked I took the 3-pic challenge myself and posted to the party wall. Hey, I was impressed!

3D mascara collage pic

So, I joined Younique – right? No, I didn’t. I never even considered it. The hostess of the party did not bring up the opportunity and, although I loved the product, it honestly never dawned on me to sell it myself. I have never done direct sales. I am not even sure I knew it was called “Direct Sales.” I had been to many 31 parties, jewelry demonstrations and even a Pampered Chef in-house fiesta but I never found something that I thought, I love this – I would want to sell that.

A few things about me… I didn’t need extra income. I work full-time and so does my husband. We have a house, two kids and would be considered pretty ordinary by everyday standards. We pay our bills but there isn’t always much left over once the bills are paid, diapers are bought, food shopping is complete and a date night once a month. Life isn’t easy these days. But, again, I never considered direct sales to supplement my income.

About 9 months after I purchased my “magic mascara” I was invited to another Younique Online Party. Like a good friend I supported the woman (a friend of mine) who was hosting the party. I ordered a second 3D mascara since I was so impressed by the results the first time around and I also decided to try Younique’s brand new Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation. I had a long history of having trouble finding the right shade and coverage for my face. In my 20s I wore cheap drugstore foundation that wasn’t the right color. Yes, I was that  girl with heavy makeup on my face that was 3 shades darker than my neck. No, I don’t want to talk about it. Then, I found Bare Minerals. A big improvement over the drugstore junk but, while I found the coverage was lightweight and matched my skin color, it wasn’t full coverage. My red spots, blemishes and occasional breakouts were not concealed. So, I figured I’d give Younique a try. The mascara proved to be nothing short of magic, perhaps the foundation would be the answer to my foundation coverage and color woes.

What happened when it arrived changed my life….

My sister and I wearing Younique Mineral Touch liquid foundation (Me= organza; Sister=Chiffon)

I am no longer self-conscience about my foundation

I am wearing Chiffon Mineral Touch liquid foundation and Younique's bronzer in "sunset"

The Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation not only looked great, was full coverage AND lightweight but it did something completely unexpected…. it CHANGED MY SELF-CONFIDENCE! While this sounds dramatic, it is true. I no longer thought about my makeup when talking to people. The Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation goes on as a liquid and dries as a powder. The liquid gave me the full coverage I was looking for but the revolutionary formula — where it dries to powder — made my makeup feel totally lightweight like I wasn’t wearing anything at all! People would tell me I was “glowing.” A long lost friend of mine from college  inboxed me on facebook and wrote, “You look 10 years younger. Kudos!” Others asked me if I changed my hair… No one mentioned the makeup, probably because it looks so natural and flawless on my face, that people WEREN’T noticing my makeup for once but they were seeing me.

Game changer. But guess what? I still didn’t join Younique. Again, it never even occurred to me.

So, I found out a few weeks after purchasing my Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation that a friend of mine, a doctor mind you, sells Younique! Say what? Here was my friend, a psychologist, who clearly didn’t need to sell makeup for extra money was a Younique Presenter! It had nothing to do with extra income. Wait a second… isn’t that why people get into direct sales? To make money?

I talked to my friend and she told me that she sold Younique only to family and close friends. She also loved the makeup so much she joined just because she wanted a discount. Ummmm…. what?!! A discount?! She was talking my language. I knew I was hooked on Younique not just because the products were AMAZING but because of the way the makeup made me feel. Since buying the foundation my “wish list” had become insanely large and rather expensive. After only a few e-mail exchanges I decided to buy the New Presenters Kit. It was $99 for $170 worth of products. I didn’t even tell my husband because I had no intention of actually selling, like my friend, I joined just for the discounts. And check out all the swag I got in my new kit…


What a deal! The New Presenters Kit is a sampling of the best of everything for one insanely low price. So many women decide to buy the kit and do nothing with the business that there is a term in the industry called “kit nappers.” These are people who buy the kit and never sell. I wanted to keep my discount so I knew I wouldn’t be a “kit napper” but I didn’t see this as a serious business opportunity either.

Okay, so in order to stay “active” with the company and keep my discount I needed to sell $125 worth of product every 3 months. Um, easy. I could do that on my own with everything on my wish list. Nevertheless, I decided to throw an online launch party for my family and friends to share my love of the products with everyone. Younique kept the surprises coming… Not only did my friends and family love the makeup too my party was a huge success. I earned free makeup, 1/2 price items and Y cash…. oh and because it was my own party I earned commission on every sale. WHAT?!! When my party ended I bought 3 collections at HALF PRICE — collections people, like $145 collections, for 1/2 price…. 3 of them. I bought a collection for me and gifted a collection to my mom and another to my sister. It felt SO good to give my family the gift of amazing products! I could see my sister and my mom’s confidence change when they wore the makeup too! And, I still had my Y cash to spend! I was in Younique makeup heaven!

Within a few weeks look at all the FREE and 1/2 price stuff I racked up….

Y makeup 2 Y makeup

Then my friends asked me to host online parties for them. Then their friends wanted parties. Before I knew it I was hosting 3-5 parties a week. Oh, and joining Younique just for the discounts? A distant memory. Here’s the deal… I am not a stay-at-home parent. I ran these parties while working full-time. Guess what? It was fun! I got to share product information, selfies and video makeup application tutorials. I got to meet women from all over the United States and talk about skin care and the “look” they wanted to achieve. I got to empower women with the same makeup that completely changed my self-confidence! Is that work?

Before Younique I looked into the cost of a Disney trip for my husband/me, our two daughters, and the two grandmoms. Well the dream of sharing the “magic of Disney” with my family became a full-on business plan for how many years it would take my husband and I to save enough money to take everyone on the trip of a lifetime. After my first 2 weeks with Younique that was my goal… To take my family to Disney with my commission. I figured in 3 years when the girls were old enough I’d have enough to book the trip.

I joined Younique on October 22, 2015. Four months later I booked our family trip to Disney.


Being a Younique Presenter has changed my life in SO many ways. The most important — my self-confidence. I am a happier and more confident with the way I look with AND without makeup. That might sound ironic but I take makeup free selfies now and post them to social media! Would I have NEVER done that before Younique, hells-to-the-no! Now, I love to help empower others, and myself, by showing off my “wake up” to “make up” pictures. And I love the woman in both of the pictures. I am not going to hide behind makeup. I am who I am in both pictures. I just want to show others how the makeup enhances my beauty and makes me feel confident.

makeup selfie

After my self-confidence I bet you think it’s the money that I love most about Younique. Well, it’s not the money. Not even close. It’s the women who are on my Younique team. I have 17 amazing women (and growing) on my team, “The Glam Girl Squad,” aka “The Glammies.” All of these women work their business differently. Some are WORKING IT! Parties every week, earning that commission and building their company. Some are doing it for the discount – selling a few things to family, friends and themselves for 20% off retail — not bad. And a few are “kit nappers.” But, together, the Glammies sold over $10,000 in product in February 2016. This is elite level in Younique. The best part about all this is not that our team earned an impressive “status level” with Younique. It’s that we’ve formed a sisterhood. Most of these ladies I did not know 4 months ago and today they are some of my closest friends. We love each other. We laugh, we share stories and we help each other out professionally and personally. Younique brought some amazing women into my life and now I have lifelong friends — that’s worth A LOT more to me then commission. I promise you that.

sisterhoodglammies team work

Yes, so Younique changed my life. I love sharing the products and the opportunity with everyone.

Since no one “officially” introduced Younique to me consider this my invitation for you to ask any questions you have about the opportunity. I am an open book. If you are interested in joining the “Glam Girl Squad” inbox me or click here for more information. YOU choose how you want to run your business…. As a business, for the discounts, or “kit nap.” You will have a group of supportive, awesome women around you to help you get started. Let me know if you have any questions!


For more information click here: The Glam Girl Squad

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