Who wouldn’t want to be on Cloud 9?

Cloud 9

So you want to get your hands on Younique’s wildly popular Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation. Who doesn’t? It’s out of stock. The company debuted this revolutionary foundation in August only to completely sell out by October. No one, not even the Presenters, could get a bottle. So we all waited … and waited… and waited. Guess what? We are still waiting but there’s a catch. While you may not be able to get the Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation as an individual bottle, the company has released this magical foundation to those who buy the Cloud 9 collection.

The Cloud 9, which normally carries a $52 savings, has also been unavailable for months due to its popularity. Not only is this collection back, Younique is offering even more savings, $82 to be exact, by giving clients a Splurge Cream Shadow in the color “dainty” and an exclusive, never-before -seen mini Younique makeup travel bag for FREE.

Those who are lucky enough to purchase the collection will be pleasantly surprised by how much they get with this enormous collection. But, as always, the popularity of this collection has already put some colors out of stock. You want to act on this collection now before it’s gone!

If you need any assistance finding the right shade of foundation or recommendations for colors feel free to contact me on FB here and I will be glad to help you. If you are ready to order your Cloud 9 collection click on  My Younique Boutique

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