I switched from Bare Minerals to Younique foundation and so should you

Let’s start from the beginning. I used to wear cheap drugstore foundation. I did not realize the value of investing in good makeup or maybe I was too cheap to care, maybe both. So what happened? Well, from high school all through my 20s my foundation was thick, caky and never matched my natural skin tone. First of all, no one ever showed me how to do my makeup, how to pick out proper colors or how to apply makeup. No one. The most help I got was, “You don’t need to wear that much makeup” – in translation, you’re makeup looks horrible. I think I was picking out the shade I wanted to be rather than the shade I was. My face was always darker than my neck. That is not a good look for anyone. I was self-conscience about my makeup but did not know how to pick colors. I didn’t know where to go. These were the days before YouTube videos (by the way where was YouTube when I grew up with crazy curly hair that I had NO clue how to style, but I digress). I needed to change but I did not know where to go or what to do.

Then, one day QVC or some late night infomercial I was watching introduced me to Bare Minerals. The makeup looked simple, a powder that I could easily apply to my face, and was supposed to look natural. The announcer touted “all-day wear” and sweat proof. I caved. I was somewhat happy with my Bare Minerals powder foundation purchase. I say somewhat happy because it definitely matched my skin better and looked more natural but there were several things I didn’t love about this product. I’ll list them here:

  1. Although it was lightweight it was not full-coverage. My blemishes and breakouts never felt concealed.
  2. I had to use A LOT of the powder to cover my face and so I went through those tiny plastic jars very quickly.
  3. It is expensive!
  4. The powder dust got everywhere when I applied: sink, counter top, my clothes… what a mess.
  5. Although an improvement over the drugstore foundation, I still felt self-conscience and not completely satisfied with the product

In October 2015, I tried Younique’s new Touch Mineral Liquid foundation which was dubbed “photoshop in a bottle.” The foundation had just debuted in August 2015. Younique sold a national 6-month supply in two weeks. Talk about demand… I was one of the lucky ones and purchased the Touch Mineral Liquid foundation and Touch Mineral Skin Perfecting concealer in the color Organza before that shade went completely out of stock. These products are SO incredible nearly every color is backordered or out of stock but it is WORTH THE WAIT!! Let me tell you why…

The Touch Mineral Liquid foundation is by far the best foundation I have ever tried. The formula is revolutionary and no one, NO ONE, not MAC, Clinique or any other company out there can come close to what Younique discovered with the Touch Mineral foundation formula. The science behind it is magic. The foundation is super lightweight because it goes on as liquid but dries as powder. But, unlike Bare Minerals which is also lightweight, this foundation is FULL COVERAGE! See you later blemishes, breakouts, rosacea, discolored skin, age spots, sun spots, imperfections – everything. You are left with a flawless face no matter what is happening with your skin that day. Remember my list of reasons why I didn’t love Bare Minerals? Here are the same 5 items addressed on why I LOVE Younique’s foundation:

  1. Lightweight and full coverage. It is liquid-to-powder so goes on as liquid to cover everything and dries as powder so it is super lightweight on my skin.
  2. A little goes a long way. I use a tiny dab of the concealer to cover bags under my eyes, any blemishes or imperfections and that’s all. Just a little. Same with the foundation. I put 3-5 “dots” on my foundation brush (I use Younique’s Powder Puff brush), swirl the brush around my face, and boom – full coverage – with only a little foundation.
  3. Because I am using less foundation it is far less expensive than buying those tiny jars of Bare Minerals powder.
  4. No mess! It’s liquid to powder so I can actually apply the makeup when I’m dressed and not standing in front of the mirror in a towel. No powder dust on the sink, countertop, floor, everywhere – Everything is clean!
  5. I am more confident then I have ever been with my foundation. The shade is perfect for my skin tone, everything is covered, it’s lightweight and not thick or caky. It looks just beautiful. When I post pictures on social media people comment on my “flawless skin”. This stuff has made my confidence sore. I am no longer self-conscience about my skin. It’s been life changing, truly.

Now you may say, “SOLD. I want this stuff!” And what will you find? Almost every color is backordered. I have dealt with this issue myself. So, what to do? I have tried Younique’s Touch Mineral Cream foundation paired with the Touch Mineral Pressed powder with same/similar results. I have also used Younique’s BB Cream foundation and paired it with the Touch Mineral Pressed Powder for same/similar results. ALL of Younique’s foundations are amazing! Some women with highly sensitive skin prefer the BB Cream because it covers while moisturizes. Any of these foundation combinations can hold you over until the Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation and Concealers are back in stock. (I have all the dates that the products will be back so just comment below or email me and I can provide you with that information).

This client did a side-by-side comparison of Younique’s Mineral Touch liquid foundation in contrast with Younique’s BB Cream and Mineral Touch pressed powder. The difference is SO subtle! Dare I say I like the BB cream/Pressed Powder side better on her? This is a great alternative to hold you over until the Mineral Touch foundation is back in stock.


If you get nothing else out of this blog just remember this ….. invest in yourself. Cheap drugstore makeup isn’t going to make you feel elated and giddy when you put it on. Oprah did a segment on cleaning out your closet and she said, “If it doesn’t bring you joy – get rid of it.” I also apply this anecdote to my makeup purchases. I am now in my 30s and I care about my skin more, the makeup I wear and the way that makeup looks on my face. While you might understand that, if you are like I used to be and do not know where to go, have no clue how to pick your shade or want help finding colors that will work for you – I am here to help! I do free online skin consultations (takes about 3 minutes or less) to help you find the right color for you.

Check out these client results:

What if you order and the shade is wrong? No problem! Younique has a “love it” guarantee. All products comes with a 14-day money back guarantee OR a 90-day exchange policy. THERE’S NO RISK!


If you want to browse, shop and/or order check out my Younique Boutique here

If you are interested in a FREE skin consultation message me on facebook here

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