We are Younique: Meet Jennifer


There is something wonderful that happens to a woman when she feels pretty. Even if no one else tells her she is. She knows it. And that makes all the difference. That is what Younique has developed in me. That confident and strong feeling, where I can look people in the eyes and not worry about how I look, what I’m wearing or what they are thinking. I know I’m rocking it and it shows.

Why Younique? Why now? I’m 38. And I’ve really never known how to apply make-up. I’ve worn it since I was in the 6th grade. Full make up. Every single day. And I’ve faked it, maybe well, maybe not so well. But always a little unsure. No one really ever showed me how to get those great looks. You know the ones, you see a woman out at Starbucks or Target, and you notice how pretty her makeup is. That’s the look.

So enter my awesome friend Trisha, who starts posting all these amazing pictures of Younique, and I think… I should try this. I know the reputation of Younique, lots of youtube tutorials. So I order a Moonstruck Shadow Palette, in my “comfortable colors.” And it begins. I love the palette because it feels like “eyeshadow for dummies”. Fool proof. I get brushes, and watch a few You tube videos. I literally follow step by step for a few days, every morning. Slightly embarrassed when my husband walks in and I’m watching some girl show me how to do the smokey eye. But it worked. I was able to replicate the look. It took some practice, and sharing some pictures to know I got it right.

Now I’m just having fun. I play with colors, shades, and liners. Every morning my face is a canvas I get to create. And I’m loving it. I am a business coach and professional speaker and I have to say the confidence I feel in my appearance has increased! My makeup finally matches the rest of my professional look.

The strangest part of this journey, and this is the last piece I’ll leave with you. I’ve become way more comfortable in my own skin. Sounds ironic, but its true. Learning to play with make-up and taking some before and after pictures, has challenged me to be honest about who I am make-up free. I’ve presented a full face since I was 12. And now at 38, I’m taking make-up free and foundation only pictures… and posting them on SOCIAL MEDIA! If that isn’t confidence, I don’t know what is. Thank you Trisha, for sharing your Younique journey with me and helping me discover another way to be confident and express who I am!

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