Photoshop Your Face: Younique’s Flawless Four

I have clients email me all the time asking about where they can find the “Flawless Four” set on my Younique Boutique website . Unfortunately, Younique’s incredibly popular “Flawless Four” is not an “official” collection, yet. Hopefully the company will make these products a set because of their wild popularity. The “Cloud 9 collection” includes the concealer and foundation which will give you more for your money. The “Cloud 9 collection” is an amazing deal that saves you $45 instead of buying each item in the set separately.


The “Cloud 9 collection” has the foundation and concealer along with the #1 best-selling 3D mascara, a shadow color palette in your choice of color, brow gel and liner (in your choice of color), and a lipstick (in your choice of color).


For more information or to order the Cloud 9 collection click HERE

If you purchase the “Cloud 9” collection you could buy the powder puff brush or blusher brush and primer separately to complete the “Flawless Four” set.

What makes the Flawless Four so revolutionary?


You would think a “photoshop finish” would feel heavy and caky on your face but the coverage is so lightweight! Younique’s Mineral Touch Foundation covers adult acne, scars, rosacea and more. This stuff is “photo shop in a bottle”. Check out this video on the flawless coverage – you won’t believe it!

Contact me via email at or find me on facebook HERE for details, a free online skin color matching consultation or to order.

See below some actual client results from using the Flawless Four:

You can purchase all of these products in my Younique Boutique HERE


Here is the breakdown of each product and directions on how to use each.


Glorious Face and Eye Primer: A truly ‘Glorious’ product that prepares and enhances your skin.

Give your day-and your face-a nice, smooth start. This velvety soft primer preps your skin for makeup coverage that will stay porcelain-perfect all day long.

Directions: Apply directly on skin prior to makeup application. Blend into skin using circular motions until primer is absorbed. Gentle enough to use all over face and around eyes.


Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation: Off to a smooth start with this ultra-thin, skin-perfecting liquid formula.

This smooth foundation goes on liquid and dries to a soft, powdery finish while optical diffusers blur imperfections and minimize wrinkles and pores. No touch-ups necessary. Each shade is also available as a corresponding Touch Mineral Concealer, Pressed Powder, and Cream Foundation.

Directions: SHAKE BEFORE USING. Dot foundation on the forehead above each eye, on the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and the chin. Press in and smooth with finger, then blend in with Foundation Brush.


Mineral Touch Skin Perfecting Concealer: with fingers or a concealer brush apply over bags, dark circles, blemishes and any imperfections. A little goes a long way!

Powder Puff Brush OR Blusher Brush: Powder up with the only brush for the job.

The Powder Puff Brush OR Blusher Brush is extremely soft and absorbent, and made for evenly applying powder foundation, concealer, and bronzer. Made with capra hair.

To learn more about each product or to purchase shop my Younique Boutique HERE

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