Which Younique Foundation is right for you?

Mineral Touch Foundation, BB Flawless Cream, Mineral Touch Cream Foundation, Mineral Touch Pressed Powder …. What are the differences? Which Younique foundation is best for YOUR specific skin? Is your skin dry? Oily? Super sensitive? Do you have adult acne, scars or rosacea? Younique has a variety of foundations but with choice comes confusion. Which foundation is best for you?

You can’t just arbitrarily chose a foundation and color. There’s a science to these things. No one knows your skin better than you so think about about a few things: your skin tone (undertones), the season (warmer in the summer and lighter in the winter) and the final look you are trying to achieve (matte or shiny finish).

So which type of foundation is right for you?



There are some basic types or tones — red, yellow or neutral.


Look carefully at the image above. Think about your face, NO MAKE UP, in natural lighting (not bathroom lighting). If you arenot sure take a selfie — NO MAKEUP — and examine your face. I can help you with this!! I do free online skin consultations to match your skin with the right foundation shade. Message me on Facebook here OR email me at trishaegbert@yahoo.com to start your consultation (takes as little as 3 minutes and there is a 14-day money back guarantee).

Next, think about your skin and how it reacts to the sun. See image below:


If you tan well and have yellow undertones your best match is probably: Velour, Velvet or Satin. If you burn easily and have pink undertones your best match is probably: Organza, Charmeuse or Chiffon. If your skin is a mix of tan/burn and has neutral undertones your best match is probably: Scarlet, Cadhmere, Taffeta or Cypress.

If you prefer BB Flawless Cream foundation — great for super sensitive and dry skin because it provides lightweight, flawless coverage with SPF and moisturizes your skin. Answer the questions above about your skin and use the BB conversion chart below to find your color:




Younique’s Mineral Touch Skin Perfecting Concealer is helpful for covering uneven skin tone, dark under eye circles, blemishes, and other skin imperfections. For example, if you have tiny capillaries around your nose, on the cheeks or chin – these red areas are where you will apply Younique’s Skin Perfecting concealer. A little goes a long way. You apply the concealer BEFORE applying your foundation. The best thing to do is choose a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin but in the same colour family — warm, cool or neutral. You would apply your concealer to the affected areas first and then apply your foundation on top.

For a photoshop face finish you’ll want to order the Flawless Four.


Contact me on Facebook or by email at trishaegbert@yahoo.com for more information or questions.

To purchase any of the Younique foundations or face powders shop my Younique Boutique HERE

If you have any questions or would like a FREE skin consultation contact me via email at trishaegbert@yahoo.com or find me on Facebook here

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