Younique’s Mineral Touch Foundation: The Backorder Backlash

Ladies, this is no time to be hysterical! Yes, many of Younique’s Mineral Touch Foundation shades are backordered or, worse, out of stock but that’s because of the revolutionary formula and lightweight, photoshop finish results. No wonder it’s in such high demand! What to do? Below are some alternatives and solutions I suggest:

  1. If your color is available — buy 2 or more! You’re lucky the color is not backordered so stock up! You can purchase your Mineral Touch foundation here
  2. If it’s on backorder still order it! You’ll be the first to get your shade once it’s back in stock.
  3. If it’s out of stock (right my fellow “Organza” ladies)… The solution is simple! Order the Mineral Touch cream foundation in your shade here (Hint, Hint… Organza IS available) and pair it with your shade in the Mineral Touch Pressed Powder available here . BOOM! You’ve got exactly what you need. You can order the Mineral Touch Cream Foundation & Mineral Touch Pressed powder on my Younique Boutique here
  4. Another great alternative is to get one of our BB Flawless Cream foundations. Check out the BB cream colors  here . The conversion chart is below. Use the BB Cream (lightweight coverage and moisturizes) paired with the Mineral Touch Pressed powder for the flawless finish your looking for.


I do free online skin consultations to find the perfect shade for your skin. Email me or find me on Facebook here and I’ll be happy to help you.

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