Why right now is the best time to join Younique

Right now…

YpicYounique was launched in November 2012 and made history by the year 2014 as the fastest growing direct sales company EVER! And – we are still GROWING! We are a young company so now is THE time to join the team. Look at it this way, Mary Kay has 5 million Presenters – Younique has 350,000. Can you imagine where you will be in the company when we are around as long as MK? Do not wait on this opportunity. Who knows what you could be making in a month, a year, 5 years from now… This is the time.

Learn more about the company and join my team here


Younique’s mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty. The company not only helps with self-confidence but provides opportunities for personal growth and financial reward for those who become Younique Presenters.

3dMost people are familiar with Younique because of our Moodstruck 3D+ Fiber lashes . This is our most popular product which sells over 15,000 tubes a day and growing!

But we are SO much more than mascara…. Our revolutionary Mineral Touch Foundation is being dubbed the “next 3D mascara.” The foundation provides a groundbreaking liquid-to-powder finish that makes your skin look photoshopped. Check it out here . I also have a product video on the Mineral Touch foundation on YouTube. You can view the tutorial here

I do free online consultations to match your skin with the perfect shade. If you are interested in a skin consultation email me at trishaegbert@yahoo.com , find me here on Facebook or shop my Younique Boutique .

Let’s talk about money….


Younique presenters are paid commission 3 hours after a sale. Say what?! Truth. Presenters do not have to wait a month (or more) like other companies to get a check from the sales you made. After you make your first $50 in sales you get your purple card!!

I love my Purple debit card and how my sales go straight to the card so I have money available right away! I can’t tell you how great it feels to go to sleep and wake up with money on my purple card!


Heard enough? Click here to join my team.

Still unsure? Keep reading…

bossWork 100% from home. Although some Younique Presenters love to do home shows, demos and parties you can run your company exclusively through social media/online. Many very successful Younique Presenters have never done a home party! Believe it or not, Younique is the first direct sales company to market and sell almost exclusively through the use of social media. The company was very forward thinking when it pioneered the idea of virtual parties through social media. These parties are often VERY successful not just because of Younique’s incredible products but our virtual parties have no limits on who hostesses can invite. Unlike home parties that often have 5-15 attendees, our virtual parties sometimes have 300+ ladies in the “room” for 10 days! Think about the income potential! Plus, you can run as many parties as you want at the same time. Your earning potential is up to you!


While some Presenters love the idea of doing parties exclusively through social media, their laptop or phone you do not have to sell through social media. My sister is a great example of a successful Younique Presenter who relies heavily on home parties and product demos. My sister loves doing makeup, showing others how to apply the products and thrives on face-to-face interaction. She will start the party online to give women a chance to browse the products, host a party, sell at the party and then leave the party open for a few more days while the party-goers decide what they want and continue to shop and order. This is YOUR business – YOU’RE THE boss – YOU decide the way you want to run your biz. That’s the beauty of having your own company.

We are GLOBAL!


Younique is a worldwide corporation. Younique is made in the USA but our market is global. This enables Younique Presenters to sell to markets all around the globe! Our newest market – France! We are also in Germany, Mexico, the UK, and Australia. It doesn’t matter where you live you can still join my team – click here to join.

Younique’s Royalty Rewards

You begin your Younique career at 20% commission, once you reach 1,000 PRS you get a raise to 25% permanently, even on purchases you make on your website. Again, we are paid every 3 hours after each sale so if you have a sale that day, you get paid THAT day (or 3 hours post sale).

Y royalties

There are monthly payouts above and beyond your Personal Sales based on your Company Sales (you and your down-line) from 3% up to 6% of that total once it reaches $2000 (again, very attainable!) as you build your team!

Ready to start making money? Click here to join my team!

Okay you’re still not ready to commit or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. Well, just to ease your mind  here is a list of frequently asked questions I get from many Presenters before they join my team:

Is there a cost to sign up?
When you sign up as a presenter, you pay $99 (USA only – other markets just ask me and I will let you know the cost) for the cost of your kit. For $99 you get approximately $168 worth of products, samples, and marketing materials all delivered to your door in a super cute black faux leather makeup box. You also get your Younique website free for life! There are no website fees!!

Check out the AMAZING kit… (*Kit contents vary by month and year*)


Is there a monthly auto-ship or any extra costs to pay monthly?
No. You pay the initial $99 for your kit and that is it. You are not required to keep inventory at your house. There are no hidden costs.

What do I need to do to stay “active” in the company?
To stay an active Presenter you need to sell at least $125 every 3 months. This is EASY!! Don’t think of the $125 – think about it this way — if you just sell two of our amazing 3D fiberlash mascaras very month, you will be active. You will be surprised how quickly you will be selling (and earning) once you get started. My sister, who was very apprehensive to join, earned her $125 in her first day ever…. This is not uncommon with new Presenters. Family and friends are often very eager to support your new business.

Do I have to have home parties?
Nope. Honestly, the longer you are with Younique the more appealing home parties become. You will be surprised by how many people want to see and test the products first hand. Plus, you’ll be so excited to show off your new makeup it’s a great excuse to get a group of gals together to play with makeup and have fun. But, remember, you do not have to do any parties.

How do start selling Younique?
The beginning of your Younique career is super exciting! Starting with your own online launch party is a great way to test what it feels like to host a party in a low stakes, comfortable environment. After all, all of YOUR family and friends will be the attendees. Starting an online party on Facebook is easy. You create a group or event, invite your friends, and they can shop at their leisure! After your launch party ask the clients who bought from you if they’d like to host their own online Younique party. Odds are if they bought the products they will love them and be eager for the opportunity to host a party and earn free products, ½ price items and Y cash.

Don’t like or use Facebook? No problem! You can also use Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and any other social media outlets to promote your business. Post pictures, include your link, and build a following. Make the business whatever you want it to be!

What happens after I sign up to be a presenter?

team workFirst you and I will do a happy dance because our team is amazing! We are a group of friendly, motivating and kind women from all over! We have our own FB group where we talk to each other about successes, seek advice from each other and empower one another to be our best. This is NOT a dog-eat-dog environment. Everyone on the “Glam Girl Squad” are here to support each other. That is what you will get when you join my team. I am here for you 100%. I do trainings, help with online parties and will encourage your growth in this business. I am very active in supporting every member of my team. You will never.be.alone. Period.

Back to dancing – once the happy is jig is over (c’mon it’s never really over) I will friend you on FB. Once friends, I will add you to the secret Younique Presenter page on Facebook, our team page and some various other elite Younique pages that will help with successful parties, tips, and product info. You will always be in the loop. The pages offer updates, information and encouragement.

futureselfI will be with you every step of the way. I take my role as a sponsor seriously and will ensure you get all the info you need. I will help you get your first Facebook party set up and work with you to maximize your sales and to have FUN!!

Those are the main questions I encounter but please email me at trishaegbert@yahoo.com if you have any more questions or need some more info. If you do not have any Qs and are ready to get started (my kinda girl) click here to join my team! Let’s go!!


Go here to learn more about the Younique opportunity and to join my team –> JOIN MY TEAM

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